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Fendi: Men's Autumn/Winter 2020/21 show in Milan (with interviews)

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Artistic director: silvia venturini fendicollection: a new masculine elegance at fendi, with classics revisited in a new functional way, with a mix of materials, hybrid pieces, coats or jackets that unzip and trousers that look like a skirt. some protective clothing, with quilted jackets mixed with flannel, long colour block fur coats that transform into jackets and cosy cashmere with generous volumes. focus on: a 70s logo comes back as the new graphic identity of the season. the f symbol is also found stamped on the ultra-thick rubber soles of the boots. the accessories such as the famous peekaboo bag have a rigid base or are covered with large knit. the house’s yellow shopping bag is available in a xxl leather version. to note: the new collaboration with anrealage for the pieces that change colour in the light and the first trainers for fendi created and signed by sebastien jondeau (karl lagerfeld’s former assistant) before a more complete line which will be revealed in march. with interviews: silvia venturini fendi:i wanted to readjust all the great classics for the future, so very functional, the jackets are more comfortable, more elongated. i like this very long silhouette, with these wedges, quite strong, because today you have to be combative. for example i like the idea of having coats that split off. in winter we have summer days so we can go out with a long coat which becomes a small bolero because there is a zip. we have some pieces that can be transformed and that are also very durable. kunihiko morinaga:the fabric called photochromic which is where we change the colour under the sunlight, we tried to make a vision of the tradition of fendi and also the new technology of anrealage to make a new innovation something like clothes that change colour with the sunlight.serge brunschwig:i think that today with silvia we have made a very beautiful demonstration of who a modern man can be, with sensuality, modernity, a rediscovered luxury, beautiful materials on the skin, an adaption to the era, to the environment, the effect of the sun, things like that which are very beautiful, some beautiful messages that accompany the man of today with hope. music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)