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What will the fashion of tomorrow look like?

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What will the fashion of tomorrow look like? this recurring question is firmly posed by the french association; fashiontech, who organizes their fashiontech week in paris every year with conferences and expositions. they explore two major themes, high tech as well as sustainable fashion which is becoming even more popular. between new textures and recycled materials, the beginning of a response is slowly emerging. for example, tomorrow we will be able to wear hodei trainers, created with a recyclable plastic material called eva. interview with benjamin camy: shoes are the bane of recycling because there are about 30 components in a shoe which are sewn or glued together. our idea was to create a shoe made with very few materials that are not sewn or glued. so, we actually have a base made from eva foam that the client can return to us to recycle, with all the other elements being assembled and dissembled by the customer. therefore, the client will actually participate in the first stage of recycling which is the sorting of the different elements. so using this base we can recycle mono materials, which is the most efficient way of upcycling, as we can break it down and reintegrate it into the production of new shoes. living in large cities, you may need a pollution mask, but not just any, thanks to thermoforming materials you can now wear a practically custom made mask.interview with simon sow:it is important to know that our masks are high quality masks made by hand. all of our production is made in france. our objective was to really develop a new type of mask. we have spent two and a half years researching and developing products with different partners specializing in this domain. we also developed a new filter that protects against fine pollution particles and also certain viruses and bacteria, this allows us to have a mask that is an object of design but which also has a protective side. it may appear quite simple, but actually the texture is thermoformable. it’s a patented innovation that we have introduced on our new masks and which allows each user to have a mask that is almost custom made.finally, our accessories will be connected to our phones and will be used as chargers or tracking devices.interview with adrien deslous-paoli:i think that the future is in functionality, fashion has been consumed in a very statutory way until now, i think that in the future people will ask how can their accessories benefit them more, so for example, we have created various solutions to recharge on the go using your own energy, embedded photovoltaic and light solutions, or even using geolocation to find a stolen accessory.our objective in maybe five or ten years would be to create t-shirts with batteries sewn directly into the textile so that we can recharge technology using our own body heat, we ourselves are a source of heat, so why not use this energy in our everyday accessories?and it doesn’t end here, there is only one step between our accessories and our clothes, sci-fi is almost here.