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Colour Trends - Spring/Summer 2023 (Next Look)

5 апр. 2022 г.


The pandemic has changed the general attitude towards life and created a strong need for community, intense experiences and personal freedom. Optimism and a thirst for life can be felt in louder colours, emotionally charged stagings and illustrate sex appeal. Especially colours and designs are vaguely reminiscent of nostalgically transfigured, positively charged decades. Quite the opposite is an increasing sense of responsibility towards nature and the reflective use of finite resources.

Transferred to the fashion industry, this means turning to classics with a modern interpretation, which combines calm colours, high-quality materials and timeless styles with the idea of ​​comfort and lightness. The symbiosis of casual and classic is a strong theme, especially in menswear, which makes the need for sustainability and value visible. However, the top impetus for the new summer season is decorative, sex appeal and extroverted styling, owing to the need to meet the restrictions of the last few months with a zest for life.

In terms of colour, we see bold, bright tones, primary colours, intense pastels and neon accents. Rich red and purple nuances, new earth tones and lots of green are particularly evident in ethnic, natural themes; by contrast, summer darks, pastels, lemon or neon tones characterise beach and streetwear.

Summer glamour is also celebrated by pink, electric blue and metallic accents. In addition to new colour harmonies, innovations come into play through the exciting use of materials: Shiny leather meets flat cotton and, feather-light techno meets artisanal knitwear, monochrome colour surfaces meet extroverted print motifs. Transparency also plays a notable role in womenswear. Not only in the form of translucent materials but also lace and loose crochet looks. Hopefully, this optimism will be carried over to all areas of life and will last well beyond the summer season.

Text by Volker Orthmann

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