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Hunters & Gatherers - Fall/Winter 2022-23 (Livetrend)

23 мар. 2022 г.

Over the last winter season, snowy mountain-scapes have emerged as a design setting across the runways, climaxing in MiuMiu’s outdoor show, which told us a tale of mid-winter nomads. This season, a wider array of modern hunters & gatherers looks towards silhouettes that are rooted in local culture and the outdoors. Wrapped in crafted knits, furs and various natural finds, those snow nomads are set to protect their environment ant to similarly be protected from more extreme weather conditions.

A boom for ski holidays and mountaineering manifest this new story. On a more bohemian note, this trend focuses more on spiritual healing, re-rooting consumers in nature and driving them towards mindful recollection rather than a show-off consumerism. Connecting deeply to the planet and our heritage, the hand-made feel translates into purified color palettes and purposely imperfect finishes. Blanket-dressing and balaclavas are new essentials, next to fur ruffs and boots. Authentic materials, include shearling, bulky knits and leather for the new winter traveller that strives for holistic and rural comforts. Within the theme, landscapes translate into sedimental patterns, cloudy textures and more fashion-forward scenic depictions. Take a look at some relating looks from the runways:


For A/W22 the impact of climate change and a desire for collective retreating  impacts the fashion industry. Balaclavas have turned into a more commercial must-have by now, showing a +14% growth from FW21 to add a utilitarian #gorp-core feel to each look. Vests increased by +50% on the shows and provide  versatile layering for the functional design theme. Unexpected fur, on hats or protective ruff collars, similarly adds a shielding aspects to the new nomadic uniform. And as the theme follows its traces back to local craft, chunkier knits and shearling, both growing in visibility, aid to translate a more rural look for the next season.

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