Made in France Première Vision show to focus on vocational training

Made in France Première Vision, the show promoting French textile/apparel manufacturers, will be held on 28th-29th March at the Carreau du Temple venue in Paris, featuring 104 exhibitors, including 23 new entries, with seven different industry specialisations.

The Made in France trade show - Première vision

The crafts and trades represented are accessory manufacturing, components, garment and knitwear manufacturing, fabric enhancement and raw materials. In addition, service providers, professional associations and training organisations will also be represented. Vocational training will be this edition's central theme, notably via the presentation of studio work by the Trans-faire workshops, the Atelier du Haut-Anjou and the flexible materials section (shoe and leather accessory makers, upholsterers and trunk-makers) of the Compagnons du Devoir and Tour de France craft associations, as well as via a showcase by nine international designers.

The Rencontres du Made in France conferences, organised in partnership with the French Fashion Institute (IFM), will focus on the perennial issue of recruitment and training, at a time when the French government intends to review apprenticeship rules. While France's textile and apparel exports are growing, 45% of entrepreneurs say they struggle to hire skilled workers, and as a result have to cut back on output.

One of the conferences will be hosted by the IFM's Dominique Jacomet, with panellists Delphine de Canecaude (Twenty Magazin), Jean-Luc François (Groupement de la Fabrication Française) and Olivier Toussaint (of the Le Club des CHO think-tank).

Four other conferences are scheduled, their themes ranging from the redirection of sourcing towards France, to the challenges of company acquisitions, the role that a digital approach can play for French craftsmanship, and how French manufacturing is regarded by foreign buyers.

Made in France Première Vision 2017

In 2015, French textile manufacturers' revenues were worth €7.2 billion, providing 5,700 jobs, while the French apparel industry was worth nearly €8 billion, with 39,826 jobs. Last year, France apparel exports were worth €9.5 billion, up 27% over a period of ten years.

Translated by Nicola Mira

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