3 types of women in 2013 : fan of the sixties, the 80s woman or the heroine of tomorrow

After having thoroughly watched the fashion shows, and the multitudes of women that the designers invent, we have noted the 3 dominant styles that will be met in 2013.The heroines from Mad Men evolve and the optimism of the 60s can be found on the runway. Structured materials, miniskirts or trapeze dresses, bright colours, graphic checks, sparkling clothing for a refreshing summer.
If the charm from the 60s isn't present, free yourself and let go by symbolizing the woman of the 80s : square shoulders, short bust, slim fitted dress, belted waist, appearing in a biker jacket, calling for gender equality in a trouser suit, but knowing how to play her authority and charm.
Of course the woman of today and tomorrow is here and faces uncertain times, she rediscovers her basics with black and white, the winning duo. In all over or in opposition, impossible to escape in 2013. Example, the new Saint Laurent woman dressed all in black, slim trousers, lavaliere blouse and a belted jacket. Basic tones, but provided it is always done with style and taste.

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