Santiago's Museo de la Moda opens "Remembering Diana"

As part of the celebration of its tenth anniversary, Santiago’s Museo de la Moda opened at the beginning of the month the exhibition “Remembering Diana.” The show will be open to the public from September 1 until January 14, 2018 and will show pieces belonging to Lady Di’s private dress collection, 20 years after her death. 

Santiago's Museo de la Moda presents "Remembering Diana" - Facebook Museo de la Moda

The exhibition will include 10 of her most representative dresses and, according to the museum’s curator Jessica Meza, will show her evolution as a woman. “Being a public woman since the age of 19 until the day of her death, with so much vulnerability and insecurity, her dresses will show her evolution and how she became an empowered woman,” Meza says. 

The Museo de la Moda has the largest known collection of dresses from Princess Diana. Among those shown in the exhibition are the black sleeveless dress she wore in her first public appearance as Prince Charles’ partner and her wedding gown, both designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel. 

Located in the neighborhood of Vitacura in Santiago, Chile, the Museo de la Moda is a private institution that conserves and displays pieces acquired either through donation or international auctions. It was established in July 2007 by the Fundación Museo de la Moda, which was created by Jorge Yarur Bascuñán in 1999. 

In 2013, the museum received an honorable mention in the III Premio Iberoamericano de Educación y Museos, granted by the international institution Ibermuseus. 

Translated by Emily Jensen

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